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Feb 21, 2013 7:30pm PST
senator chuck haaag -- hagge -- hagel. [ laughter ] he is a republican. a two term senator, vietnam vet. he was a simple process away from achieving that relatively only minor as secretary of lincoln's legacy but still it was doing this having hagel or doing that and you know, nobody wants to see that. >> the one thing i'm not going to do is vote on a new secretary of defense until the old secretary of defense leon panetta, who i like very much, testifies about what happened in benghazi. >> jon: so close to get him confirmed foiled by senate thespian lindsey graham. reprizing his role from tennessee williams great work "a street car named desire" not to be primary idea by the local tea party. no vote for hagel until panetta answers questions about benghazi. [laughter] what happens when ten jews sit in a room and try to come up with puns really. starts that way every morning, actually. so two weeks ago lindsey rhett graham had his raisin -- whatever it's a play. >> did the president show any curiosity about how is this going? what kind of assets do you have helping these people? did he e
Feb 22, 2013 5:35am EST
for confirmation. chuck hagel got the vote of richard shelby yesterday. >>> officials in peru are cracking down on magic motions and esix irs. the liquids are supposed to bring love or money but health officials say they are more likely to bring infects. some of the bottles, packets and bruise contain fungus. authorities are also taking away books on magic being candles and photographs. shop owners are being charged with public health crimes. find another way to get your love going on without the love notion number nine. >> have you to do it the old- fashioned way. >> a 10-year-old takes extreme measures when he decided he just did not want to go to bed. why police paid him a little visit. >> as we head to break, we'll take a live look outside right now because it is cold. that is not anything new for february. but tucker says we've got some interesting things on the way. we'll get a nice little buffet. that is the word we've been using all morning. a buffet of weather coming up throughout the day. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2